Tamara Brigham


SUSPICION'S GATE: Reader Review: I just finished Tamara Brigham's book "Suspicion's Gate" and I am very impressed how well she describes the war time during WW II in France from both the French and German side. She showed so clearly how people on both sides were drawn into situations during the war that they could not imagine having to deal with during peace times. The choices they faced were mostly no-win situations for all involved
Tamara also showed very clearly the situation at the time within the German military.
Having been raised and grown up in post-World War II Germany, I heard many stories from my father and others who had served in the regular German Military during the war. They all agreed that the regular German Army and the SS were totally different entities and the SS fought for control over the regular army especially towards the end of the war. It was the opinion of many old soldiers that the SS guys were there "elite" thugs and killers who were Hitler's henchmen. They would maim and kill without conscience as this book so clearly depicts.
Thank you, Tamara, for writing this book.

White Pagan: Reader Review: I Loved This Book Series and can't wait for Book 7 Having probably read and enjoyed about 100 non fiction (adult and young adult) books or so on the trials of Kings and Kingdoms, I must say I found this series particularly brilliant as it was able to use as a foundation the path of Faith and Spirituality, the experiences of Grace, and Mysticism, and the dualities in conventional religious paths without attachment to a particular point of view. The shenanagans of both political and religiosity are both addressed in meaningful ways. The author has generated not only a new world of kingdoms and cultures, but also a new language to go with it. Her characters are likeable, and loveable as you are drawn in to her world. Congratulations Tamara Brigham . . .
John B

White Prophet: Reader Review: Well written and hard to put down! I'm waiting for the others to come out. VikkiWhite Pawn: Reader Review: Very often I find reading new fantasy novels overwhelming. There is so much to take in about the new world, characters, how things work, and what's going on. All that information can be hard to keep track of. In this book, the first couple of chapters might seem like there's a lot to sort out, but the world is familiar enough it's easy to pick up and it evens out quickly to focus on certain paths. Since I started reading this while I was going to school (on top of working full-time), I never had a lot of personal reading time. So it was often weeks or months between my trips to Kavan's world. It was always easy for me to slip back into it. I enjoyed reading about the Elyri and their legends that play an important part in Kavan's life. The last few chapters were quite exciting and I look forward to Book Two, which I already have in possession. CGMaine

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