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Bleed the Earth - The Blood Wild Chronicles Book 2

What is a girl supposed to do when accused of murder? Jia does the only thnin she can do, return to the unsettled Flushing Pack, leaving others in the borough to uncover the true killer in her stead, leaving LaGuardia's secrets to unravel without her. Finding Roland only to lose him again had exposed decades of secrets. Those secrets had in turn exposed secrets of their own. As the stability of her childhood falls away, placing the lives of those in the borough, in the Fortress, at risk, Jia must hold her Pack together while doing for Liam what she failed to do for her father... Find him. Bring him home. Before the avalanche of secrets comes around to haunt, and hunt, her too.

Available August 1, 2020


About Me

From the my earliest memories of creating picture books designed to bring stories I read or saw on television to a more satsifactory end, storytelling has been my primary passion. Whether doing so through theatre, dance, music or words, expressing the inner self, or the world as perceive it, has been my compulsion.

Who doesn't watch a good movie, or read a good book, and imagine 'what if' or 'if only'.

 After a lifetime of moving all over the United States, Ive made my home in the Northern California county of Lake with a variety of  furbabies who keep me on the run.In addition to writing, I'm a movie and music lover, and a proponent of continued education throughout one's life.

Hebenon is my seventh publication



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