Tamara Brigham


SUSPICION'S GATE: Reader ReviewI just finished Tamara Brigham's book "Suspicion's Gate" and I am very impressed how well she describes the war time during WW II in France from both the French and German side. She showed so clearly how people on both sides were drawn into situations during the war that they could not imagine having to deal with during peace times. The choices they faced were mostly no-win situations for all involved
Tamara also showed very clearly the situation at the time within the German military.
Having been raised and grown up in post-World War II Germany, I heard many stories from my father and others who had served in the regular German Military during the war. They all agreed that the regular German Army and the SS were totally different entities and the SS fought for control over the regular army especially towards the end of the war. It was the opinion of many old soldiers that the SS guys were there "elite" thugs and killers who were Hitler's henchmen. They would maim and kill without conscience as this book so clearly depicts.
Thank you, Tamara, for writing this book.

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