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White Pawn: Book 1 of the Kestrel Harper Saga

Elyri. ágdháni. Miracle worker. Saint. Outcast. All that Kavan ever wanted was to be was a normal man, the bard he has trained his entire life to be. But prophecy has a bad habit of thwarting the best plans and intentions. From the moment he meets Arlan, the infant prince of Enesfel, the path Kavan imagined for himself is overthrown by forces beyond his control. When Owain Lachlan, a man of dubious heritage, assumes the mantle of king, it falls upon Kavan’s shoulders to guide and aid the inexperienced Prince Arlan in claiming the throne that is his birthright. Kavan’s personal quest for acceptance, from others and from himself, becomes entwined with threads of politics and Faith, and not even prophecy can guarantee what fate awaits him in the end.

Book 1: Kestrel Harper Saga
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White Pawn

Book Excerpt:
The boy looked up abruptly, staring into the dwindling fire on the hearth but not truly seeing it. What he did see, what he sensed, were things he did not quite comprehend. Sorrow. Chaos. Hope. As surely as he knew his own name, he was certain that Enesfel’s great King was dead and that somewhere another had been born. Twins had been born, but he knew not where, or how he knew this to be true. A word came to mind, or a name perhaps, Arlan, but it belonged to no one he knew and held no meaning for him. It was only a word, a word connected to the images and impressions he had been shown, but he had no idea what any of it meant. Bewildered, he rose to his feet and went to the window. Little could be seen through the swirling snow so he watched the flakes fall instead. It was the distraction of darkness that he wanted most to help clear his head.
Pushing his white hair back from his eyes, he pondered the connection between the death and the births, certain there was one. He was equally certain that what he had witnessed were actual events, not flashes of fancy and imagination. Glancing at the staircase behind him, he considered waking his family, but he was still a child, unproven and untrained in Elyri ways, and he doubted that anyone would believe him. Only Ártur would, and thus it would be best, he decided, to await his cousin’s return home. Ártur would have news from Rhidam, if there was any, and he would be able to prove the truth…and perhaps even explain it.
Kavan wanted that proof himself.
With a small shrug of resignation, he settled again upon the plush woven rug and tried unsuccessfully to refocus on his book. Too many unsettling things had happened to him in the last three days; this was only the latest oddity to plague him. Based on what he knew of his people, he presumed that the Elyri gifts were awakening within him, as they did in all of his kind. But he knew how his uncle frowned upon such gifts, and it made him wary of speaking up, of revealing himself to them, or anyone. He was afraid of their rejection. Afraid of the power.
Looking down into the palm of his white hand, he watched with fascination as a small flame sprang to life there, glimmering and flickering as a candle but burning nothing.

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From the my earliest memories of creating picture books designed to bring stories I read or saw on television to a more satsifactory end, storytelling has been my primary passion for as long as I can recall. Whether doing so through theatre, dance, music or words, expressing the inner self, or the world as perceive it, has been my compulsion.

Who doesn't watch a good movie, or read a good book, and imagine 'what if' or 'if only'?

After a lifetime of living all over the United States, I've made my home in the Northern California county of Lake with a variety of furbabies who keep me on the run. In addition to writing, I'm a movie and music lover, and a proponent of continued education throughout one's life.

White Pawn is my first publication.